Titus is the story of a virtuoso african-american jazz musician whose damaged soul has brought him to the status of a nobody. Living in London, far from home, he’s wasting away, estranged from his one true love, his vintage alto sax. All hope looks lost until a visitor arrives, Jessica, the daughter he abandoned as a baby… Over the course of a day and night together, old demons are laid to rest and new ones are stirred, and for one last time the future is back in titus’s hands. The poetic and soulful story of one man’s final shot at redemption – when all he’s ever known is hell.
Titus was a very exciting project to work on. The film uses a lot of underwater visuals and metaphors so Steve Bentley Klein and Charlie Catterall asked me to create underwater processed music.  I made some hydrophones and set up some large water tanks.  I played the music composed by Steve through lager speakers in the room.  The  microphones picked up the sound of the music vibrating through the water creating ethereal dreamlike sounds. These sounds along with other underwater sound design were mixed into the final score. Working on experimenting with making different underwater microphones and different set ups was really enjoyable work.