Paraorchestra – Abbey Road – Sky Arts – Glastonobury – WOMAD – Meltdown

I’ve been lucky enough to work with the incredible people of the Paraorchestra. Working with Charlotte Harding and Oliver Vibrans to redefine where the line between performance and effects lie. We worked together to create performance systems using guitar pedals, plug ins and expression devices. This way we could perform different effects and groups of effects on live instruments in real time. Putting whole orchestras through reverbs, distortions and pitch shifters is a lot of fun! Oliver especially wanted to perform the effects expressively, and to do this I created a custom ableton patch which he could use a midi controler to send different amounts of signal from each instrumement to plug ins, guitar pedals and even an amp.

The shows I’ve worked on are Kraftwerk Re:werk, The Love Unlimitted Orchestra, performed at Womad, Glastonbury and Meltdown festival. I also worked on Kraftwerk Re:werk and Scot Walker’s the drift, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, as well as creating wild and wonderful post production on Host’s The Planets as a hommage to Tomita.