Composition    |    Theatre    |    Sound Design    |    Recording


I was tasked to write a full score and sound design for Nearly There Yet’s take on Pinocchio. A theatre piece with a strong emphasis on circus, puppetry and story telling. The show was part devised by the cast so I was involved in the show from early rehearsals, creating a score as the show was developed.

I wanted to give the characters a instrument that signified them. A cello for Pinocchio, giving a rich wood textured feel, which can also be playful with playing pizzicato,  Geppetto an acoustic guitar, giving him a simple, honest sound, and the fox and cat as a sleazy saxophone.  I also developed songs for the performance and sound design, from comical nose growing sound, to magical trees growing in front of your eyes.

The show will be at the Albany, London this December. You can find out more here.